About Lea Pearson

Dr. Lea Pearson has been helping musicians find relief from pain and learn effective ways to move and play since 1998. One of the country’s leading Body Mapping Specialists, she works with professional and amateur musicians as well as students and teachers. (“Lea” rhymes with “Sea.”)


  • Bachelor of Arts in Music, Education and Psychology from Hampshire College
  • Masters of Arts in Performance Practice from Stanford University
  • Doctorate of Musical Arts from The Ohio State University
  • Licensed Andover Educator
  • Certified Health Coach


Lea Pearson is the author of Body Mapping for Flutists: What Every Flute Teacher Needs to Know About the Body and numerous articles in professional magazines. Those publications and her years of successful pain-relief outcomes with musicians have gained her international acclaim. She is a sought-after trainer and speaker and has presented and taught workshops at more than 40 universities, military bases, conferences and conventions throughout the world.


Dr. Pearson embraces a teaching philosophy that supports each musician’s innate ability to create meaningful solutions. This approach empowers students to discover what is most useful for their own work and to make changes that improve sound, technique, breathing and ease of playing.

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