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You found your way to this website because you are a musician and physical pain or limitation is impacting your playing, your life and maybe even your career.

Your pain might be fairly new or perhaps you’ve been suffering for years.

No matter how long or how debilitating your discomfort, you can learn the tools to recover ease in playing and reach your artistic goals.

Lea Pearson has taught injury prevention and recovery to musicians worldwide since 1998. She has helped hundreds of musicians improve the efficiency of their playing and recover from playing-related aching and numbness.

She has helped saved the careers of dozens of professional musicians, and coached many more to bring back efficient, effective and comfortable movement into their daily lives.

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She can work with you in person if you live in greater Boston or the New England area, or by web cam on Skype from any location.

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How Dr. Pearson Can Help:

Performers – Undo physical limitations to enhance technique and artistry

Teachers – Uncover the underlying causes of students’ physical limitations, posture issues, or breathing problems.  Create a health-promoting environment to protect them from injury, and gain more ease and comfort in your own physical use.

Students – Learn to practice in efficient ways that support free body use and prevent injury.

What Dr. Pearson Teaches:

Injury Prevention and Recovery

  • How to correct misunderstandings of how the body is designed (body maps)
  • How to recover from existing injury and create a foundation for pain-free playing

Improved Performance

  • Learn to recover from stress & mistakes while playing

Free and Efficient Body Use

  • Develop the kinesthetic sense
  • Find balance and efficient distribution of effort
  • Enlist the whole body in playing your instrument instead of overworking one area

Free Breathing

  • Understand the structures and movement of breathing
  • Employ breathing that is full, free, expressive and adequate for the phrase

Attention and Focus

  • Cultivate a sensory awareness that includes the whole self and surroundings
  • Feel comfortable on stage and relate to the audience

How to Practice

  • Know what your body needs to do to create sound
  • Develop a reliable foundation for musical expression


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