Here’s what students and workshop participants say about working with Lea Pearson:

“As a piano teacher I had horrible back and shoulder pain from sitting and teaching with poor posture. Lea showed me correct techniques, moved my position, suggested a special air cushion to sit on and Voila! I am in no pain now and am a much happier teacher! She is awesome!” – Donna Greenman, piano teacher

“Lea provided invaluable insights into why I was having pain while playing. And more importantly, she also gave me ways I could fix the issues that were causing me pain. She was knowledgeable, compassionate and helpful. Lea is a great teacher!”
– Judy Braude, professional flutist and flute teacher

“Lea Pearson is compassionate, understanding, attentive, insightful and clear in her teaching of the principles of Body Mapping. She has opened up a new world of freedom and relaxation in playing the violin. I recommend her work to anyone who wants to play without pain.”
– Cynthia Cummings, professional violinist

My students and I are finding astounding results in our flute playing by applying the Body Mapping principles.”  – Lucie Snell, and private teacher and retired Air Force Band flutist.