Are You A Music Teacher and Want to Help Your Students?

Do you feel like a broken record when they don't change a habit you've been harping on for months?

Do you wish they weren't so anxious about performance?

If you dream of being able to help students finally get out of pain and perform better, your dream can come true.

It’s not your fault that 60% of high school musicians have pain or that 63% of University students recently identified as depressed or suicidal.

Our students have been through a difficult year. But that’s not all.

They have been held hostage by a centuries-old system of top-down, master-student instruction, founded upon the notion that if we just tell people what they're doing wrong, they'll get better.

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn." - Benjamin Franklin

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How do we help our students break through this curse of the Culture of Criticism?

If we want to be able to support and nurture students for a lifetime of free and expressive music making, we need a system that teaches students, from day one, the following:
  • Our body IS the instrument, and we need to know how it works!
  • What we feel, think and believe is just as important as what the teacher wants to teach.
  • We always have value and are good enough, no matter what the outside circumstances are.

The classical music Industry is at a crossroads.

Centuries-old barriers to success are starting to fall.
Audiences are calling on us to include more BIPOC composers.

Students are demanding that schools center the lives and work of BIPOC and LGBTQ performers and composers. Arts organizations are opening up performance venues to broader audiences, and creating programming that has a much wider reach than traditional concert lineup. What a celebration!

Yet for performers, the biggest barriers to learning are only beginning to be addressed…

• 75 to 85% of professional musicians play in pain
• an equally high percentage of students experience pain, anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts.

What a tragic limitation of precious talent!
Outrageous, that an art form with so much beauty causes so much pain to the bearers of its message.

YOU are Needed!

We can eliminate the culture of Pain & Anxiety.

Here are your first steps:
  • Learn new tension-free strategies for Breathing, Posture, and self-evaluation.
  • Join the Transformational Teacher Training Program and become certified as a Transformational Teacher.
  • Host a workshop for your studio on Taming Upper Body Tension, or Busting Breathing Mysteries and Myths.

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“The world needs ALL our musicians, free to express their artistic vision, in order for us to heal.” - Dr Lea Pearson

Let's Do It!