3 Keys to Having a Bigger Impact with Students

• How the Traditional Culture of the Three C’s – Criticism, Comparison, and Competition – is harming music students
(it’s time for a new model)

• #1 Secret to Providing a Solid Foundation for Technique, Expression, and Artistry (and how to help your students
create thriving careers)

• The Hidden Cause of Musicians’ Pain, Injuries, and Anxiety
(and how you can prevent it)


Music Minus Pain
5-Day Mini Course For Teachers

“The awareness Lea gives through her teaching & visuals is priceless. It gives us ‘best practices’ and to help our students avoid injuries and achieve peak performance through efficient body use.”
Andrea Mather-Stow
Oboist, Indiana
“Your book about teaching Body Mapping had a huge influence on my teaching, and your classes were eye-opening. There is much more to understand, but teaching is the best way to learn.”
Christine Fish Moulton
Associate Professor of Flute
Mansfield University of Pennsylvania