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Music Minus Pain 5-Day Mini-Course
for Teachers

Expand your teaching skills to eliminate pain & anxiety with your students. Discover the top 4 barriers to learning and how you can eliminate them. You’ll develop better strategies and make a bigger impact with your students… In just five days!

Transformational Teacher Training Program

Get certified as a Transformational Teacher and distinguish yourself as an instructor who promotes wellness. You’ll be able to help your students create successful, lifelong careers while enhancing your own!

Studio Workshops

Help your students improve breathing and posture in virtual workshops: Busting Breathing Mysteries & Myths, Taming Upper Body Tension, Centering the Body, or a customized session for your ensemble or studio.

Private Sessions

Struggling with an issue of pain or tension? Work 1:1 with world-renowned specialist Dr. Lea Pearson and elevate your playing or teaching with customized coaching. Get personal support to take your artistry to the next level.
“I can not emphasize enough how having Lea’s trained set of eyes has changed my outlook on playing. I am no longer hurting!”
Megan Lantz
Flute Faculty
Colorado State University
“Lea is so full of life, insight, compassion and commitment based on her long and deep experience teaching. I love most her “whole student” orientation; it is inspiring and assuring.”
Anita King

Professor of Piano, Retired
Willamette University

“The world needs musical expression of all kinds. By changing the culture of traditional teaching, Music Minus Pain is dedicated to making freedom of expression possible for everyone who seeks it.”

- Dr. Lea Pearson